Exporting your VisualCV to Google Docs & Word

The templates available for Google Docs export can be seen here: Professional Resume Templates for Google Docs.

1. Enabling Export to Google Docs

Before you can create a Google Docs resume, you must enable Google Docs in VisualCV. Please ensure you have a valid gmail or Google email address to use.

1. Visit your Account Settings page.

2. Open the Domain & Integrations tab. 

3. Scroll to the Google Docs box and add your preferred Google account in the Google account email field.

4. Click Save and give the application permission.

5. Click on the Google Docs button to be redirected to the Google Docs page. 

2. Using VisualCV on Google Docs

Once you have enabled the application, using VisualCV on Google is easy.

1. Choose a resume template by clicking an image from the Templates tab:

Note: do not click the Resume Profiles tab. This will redirect you back to the VisualCV editor.

2. Choose a "resume profile" to import

Once you have chosen a template, a dropdown menu will appear. Here, choose the VisualCV content you would like to use. This will import your existing VisualCV data.

3. Edit your resume using Google Docs.

4. Export your resume to your preferred format using the File menu.

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