Exporting your VisualCV to Google Docs & Word

The templates available for Google Docs export can be seen here:  Professional Resume Templates for Google Docs.

Enabling Export to Google Docs

First, visit your  Account Settings page, then navigate to the Extras tab. Scroll to the Google Docs box and add your preferred Google account in the "Google Docs" field.

Click "save," and give the application permission. You are now ready to create a perfect print resume. 

Click on the "Google Docs" button to be redirected to the Google Docs Page. 

Using VisualCV on Google Docs

Once you have enabled the application, using VisualCV on Google is easy.

1. Choose a resume template by clicking an image from the Templates tab: Choose from one of 9 professionally designed resume templates.

Note: do not click the Resume Profiles tab. This will redirect you back to the VisualCV editor.

3. Choose a "resume profile" to import

Once you have chosen a template, a dropdown menu will appear. Here, choose the VisualCV content you would like to use. This will import your existing VisualCV data.

4. Edit using Google Docs

Customize the template as you wish.

5. Export to your preferred format

Export to Word, PDF, or text.

Tip: What format to use?

For traditional job applications, a VisualCV PDF works best. Export your VisualCV as a PDF, and use it to apply for jobs. You can link your PDF VisualCV to a robust web version, in order to ensure employers see all your great work. If you want to have more control over the print margins then Google Docs is a great option.

Tip: Google Docs

To export your VisualCV to Google Docs, make sure you have a gmail or google account. When you first export to google docs, it will prompt you to authorize a google account to sync with VisualCV. Once your VisualCV is synced you can select a specialized google doc templates and press "Create Resume" to generate a google doc. 

Tip: Exporting to Doc or Docx?

While we don't officially support these formats you can get them through google docs. Just export your CV to google Doc and you can save it in a variety of formats from there.

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