How are you different than any other job or networking site?

Posting a standard resume on a job board puts professionals in a box where they can quickly become one in millions. Traditional resumes sit indefinitely in a database. They are typically neglected by their authors and they often generate unwanted leads.

Regarding networking sites, it is widely accepted that social networking sites are great for fun, but they are not what professionals use to distinguish themselves and advance their careers, and they lack privacy controls. Most online professional networks allow you to network but they do not allow professionals to completely represent their qualifications.

Unlike any other site, VisualCV offers an online venue for professionals to create an Internet-based, multimedia-rich resume, build and manage an online career portfolio, and securely share professional qualifications with companies, customers, partners, and colleagues—all from the same location. Because a VisualCV is Internet-based, it is easy for VisualCV members to update and add to their VisualCVs, ensuring that people see the most recent version.

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