Why are we removing public profiles from the free plan?

Since we introduced the ability to create public profiles with VisualCV, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of users utilize this tool to get their next job. 

Over time, we’ve noticed that many of these profiles fall into disuse, and in many cases they’ve been forgotten about entirely. 

And while we’re happy to have helped at a point in time, we no longer feel comfortable publishing private user information online without explicit and ongoing support from the profile owner. 

For that reason, we’ve decided to make publicly hosted resume profiles a VisualCV Pro only feature. 

Thank you very much

What plans do you have for non-profits and schools?

We offer partnership programs that either provide highly discounted VisualCV plans to students, or in some cases free accounts. Please email [email protected] with details. 

What if I can’t afford a paid plan?

We understand that money is tight during a job search. We hope that the value of VisualCV outweighs the cost, and helps you invest in your career. That said, if you truly can’t afford the product please get in touch and our team will help you out. 

Can I still access my account?

Yes, you will still have access to a PDF download of your resume. 

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