How to make copies of your VisualCV resume

So you’ve created your first VisualCV. That’s good news! Here’s some more good news: you can easily make copies of it with the click of a button.

Once you have logged in to your VisualCV account, navigate to your resume dashboard and click the New Resume button.


In the window that opens, choose the resume you would like to copy from the Copy Existing Resume menu.


We also recommend that you give the resume you are creating a unique label in the Name field, to differentiate it from the one you are copying - the name of the company you are applying to, for example.

Once you have done this, click Create, and voila - an exact copy of your original resume is generated.

But why, you ask? There are a few reasons.

The first, and most important, is that you should be creating a custom resume for every job you apply for. Your resume should be tailored to best suit the specific position you are seeking. By making a copy of your resume, you can simply make adjustments for each new resume instead of starting from scratch, saving you time and trouble. For more on resume customization, please read our articles here.

Another reason to create multiple resumes is to track them individually. With VisualCV, each of your resumes will have a unique URL that records each time the resume is viewed, and with a Pro subscription the location of the view will be logged according to its IP address. By sending separate resumes to different people, you will know which resume is getting the most attention.

The final reason is simple, but practical - create a copy of your resume so that you always have a backup ready. You don’t want to find yourself having made too many edits to your CV with no way to restore its original state - instead, always have a second copy ready to take the lead.

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