How can I create a cover letter with VisualCV?

In your VisualCV dashboard, there is an 'Add cover letter' button near the top of the page. To create a cover letter, click this button.

This will create a new cover letter with pre-populated default text. Delete this text to begin writing your customized cover letter.

By default, your cover letter will be given a custom format. This means that the cover letter is not associated with any of your CVs. You can customize the font, text size, and margins in the Appearance tab.

If your cover letter is intended to correspond to a specific CV, you can choose from existing CVs in the Format menu:

Selecting a CV will alter the cover letter to match the template of that CV.

For example, if the Banker CV uses the ATS template, selecting that CV will change the font used in the cover letter to match.

Your cover letters are listed in your resume dashboard with along with your CVs.

For information on writing a cover letter, consider reading:  How to Write a Cover Letter and Cover letter examples.

To create a cover letter using a CV template, create a new resume and ignore all the resume specific sections. Add a Text Section by clicking on the New Section menu, then write your content inside. You can export that to PDF and get a great looking cover letter, executive bio or any document format you require.

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