How do I manage page breaks on my PDF?

Once you have written your CV and exported it as a PDF, you may find that the page is breaking in an unappealing spot, cutting a section or entry in half:

The VisualCV editor contains a page break tool for managing the page breaks in your PDF. To use it, click the Page Breaks button the left column of the Visual Editor.

Once you have clicked this, you will see several 'Add Page Break' buttons appear throughout your resume. 

Clicking one of these buttons will create a page break in that location. The page break will be visible in the PDF version of your resume.

Returning to the example at the top of this article, I will click the 'Add Page Break' button above the entry that is cut in half. The button will change color and the text will be come 'Remove Page Break'. Clicking this button again will remove the page break.

This creates a page break above that entry, making it so the entry is all on one page.

To exit the page break tool, click the Page Break button again.

The 'Add Page Break' buttons will no longer be visible in the editor.

Tip: If you want greater customization of page breaks - page breaks in the middle of a section, for example - use new lines instead of the page break tool. Add empty space where you want a page to break, and the content below will be pushed down the page.

Tip: Create two copies of your resume - one for PDF export, and one for viewing online. This is so your adjustments to the page breaks don't affect the online view.

Tip: Use new lines to pad the end of your CV to fill an incomplete page (this is especially useful on designs with a colored sidebar).

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