Managing page breaks in your PDF

Once you've written your resume and exported it as a PDF, you may find that the page break is in an unappealing spot, cutting a section in half:

You can move the page break using the Page Break tool. To do this:

1. Open the Page layout menu. This will open a selection of editing options at the top of the editor.

  1. Click Adjust Page Breaks. This will cause Add page break buttons to appear throughout the resume.

3. Click Add page break at the section that you want to shift to the next page. This will create a page break in that location. The page break will be visible in the PDF version of your resume.

4. When you have added the necessary page breaks, click Finish Adjusting

5. Export your resume to PDF to see the changes.

Tip: If you want greater customization of page breaks, such as page breaks in the middle of a section, use new lines instead of the page break tool. Add empty space where you want a page to break, and the content below will be pushed down the page.

Tip: Create two copies of your resume: one for PDF export, and one for viewing online. This will make it so your adjustments to the page breaks don't affect the online resume.

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