If I'm not looking for a job, why should I use subscribe?

An online resume isn’t just useful when you’re out of work. Here are some ideas for using a resume other than for job searching:

  • Stay visible: A resume is a valuable way for anyone in a visible career—including executives, speakers, professors, scientists, independent consultants, and recognized industry experts—to communicate their ongoing “personas” to prospective clients, associates, or peers. Showcase your persona in a compelling, easy-to-update resume that you can link to from your email signature, business cards, and other marketing materials.
  • Prepare for performance reviews: Even if your current position is your dream job, wouldn’t it be impressive to show your employer a resume of your accomplishments come review time?
  • Be ready for future job searches: You can quickly update your resume to reflect major projects you’ve worked on or to add a new work sample you’re proud of so you’ll be ready to go if and when you do start looking for a job.

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