Customizing the colors of your resume

You can customize the colors in your resume in all resume templates. 

  • Primary color is the most prominent color on the resume, usually seen in a large colored section.
  • Secondary color is the accent color, usually seen in subheadings.
  • Link color is the color of hyperlinks and URLs.
  • Background color is the color of the page behind the text. In most templates it is white by default.

To edit the colors in your resume:

  1. Click the Appearance button in the left-side menu. It looks like a paintbrush icon. This will open the Appearance menu across the top of the editor.

  1. Click the colored circle of the color you would like to edit. The color label will appear as you hover over each circle.

  1. Choose your new color using the color picker. There are three ways you can do this:
    1. Use the gradient and slider to pick a new color.
    2. Choose from one of the preset CV colors.
    3. Add a color code to the Hex field.

Your color will be updated.

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