How do I sort Work History entries?

There are two ways to sort entries in your work experience, or any other date section: in the Basic editor, or in the Visual editor.

Note: if you are using the mobile version of VisualCV, please use the Basic Editor to sort entries

Visual Editor:

To move entries directly in the resume, first hover over the section you want to move. This will highlight the section and cause a collection of icons to appear at the side of the entry.

Click the arrows to move the entry up and down.

Basic editor:

Open the Basic editor and scroll to the section you would like to sort. Each entry in a Work History section, or any date section, will have a multi-directional arrow icon beside it.

 Click the arrow icon that corresponds with the entry you want to move, then drag it to where you want it moved.

Tip: If you are looking for how to sort entire sections, read this.

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