How do I add a Work History entry?

Additional entries can be added to a Work Experience section, Education section, and Custom Dated Section. To add an entry to an existing section:

On the desktop site:

1. Hover over your Work History section. This will cause a set of blue buttons to appear at the top of this section.

2. Click the + button. A blank entry will appear at the top of the section for you to fill out.

In the mobile app:

If you are using VisualCV mobile app, the blue buttons will not appear. To add an entry when using mobile:

1. Open the Basic Editor.

2. Scroll to the section you would like to add a section to.

3. Click the + button in the top row of buttons for that section. This will open a blank section for you to fill out.

4. Add your details, then click Save.

This will add the entry to the bottom of the section. 

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