VisualCV for business

With VisualCV for Business, you can create professionally-designed resumes and CVs for your team and clients and manage them all in once place. 

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VisualCV for Business features

With VisualCV for Business, you will get access to:

  • Admin Dashboard: manage your team and their resumes all in one place
  • Custom template: you can customize the VisualCV template that your company will use
  • 2-way access: both you and your users can edit their resumes
  • Pro features: your users will have full access to all of VisualCV's Pro tools

Getting started with VisualCV for Business

Getting started is easy. Simply:

  1. Choose a Custom Plan
  2. Onboard and get set up
  3. Invite your Team and Clients
  4. Launch!

The resume and CV management solution for your business

With VisualCV for Business, members of your organization will sign up to VisualCV using a unique signup code. Once they have signed up, they can create their employee profile using VisualCV's editor. If you have a custom VisualCV template you want to use, VisualCV can pre-load it in each account so that it will be ready to go when employees sign up.

Managers will have access to all resumes belonging to members of their organization. Managers can edit, share and delete each resume. Managers can invite and delete users from their organization.


  • You are a company looking to make employee profiles or resumes to showcase our talent to clients.
  • You are a resume writing company or recruiting firm. You have several writers who all write resumes for clients.
  • You are a single resume writer. You write resumes for your clients.

VisualCV for Business has a solution for you.


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