How do I add a table to my VisualCV resume?

When you are trying to pack as much content into your VisualCV as possible, it is important to be sure that you use space efficiently. A great way to do this is to use a table - this allows you to organize content in a way that is efficient, clean, and easy to read. If you have content you would like to display in a table, the VisualCV editor provides a way for you to do that.

The most common reason to use a table is to showcase your skills in a way that doesn’t take up too much valuable resume space.

Here are step-by-step instructions for using a table to display your skills.

Let’s begin with a bulleted list of skills.

Skills 1

It looks good, but you might prefer to fill out that white space on the right hand side. A table is a great way to make sure that space is used.

To add a table, let’s first get these skills out of the way. We don’t want to delete them, so let’s create a temporary Text Section:

Skills 2

And copy the list of skills in. Now that they are safe, we can delete the original list from the Skills section.

Skills 3

Click into the Skills section and then click the Table button in the text editing toolbar. Choose the number of cells you want - in this case, let’s just use three

Skills 4

Now your Skills section has a table with three cells, and it’s time to start adding your skills back in!

Skills 5

Highlight the first third of your skills and copy them from the Text Section to the first cell in your skills table.

Skills 6

Do the same for the next two thirds of the list, filling up each table cell with a third of your skills.

Now that all the content is in, feel free to delete the temporary Text Section. You won’t be needing it anymore.

Skills 7

You are now left with a simple, three-celled table that displays your skills evenly, taking up white space that would otherwise be left empty. It looks great, and you are now making efficient use of your resume layout. Great job!

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