How to lower the page count of your VisualCV resume

Your VisualCV is finished, and it’s perfect - your wording is precise, your bullet points are elegant, and your skills and experience leap off the page with grandeur. Enthralled, you click the PDF export, thinking your work is done, but alas! - your resume is too long.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to reduce the length of your VisualCV with only a few clicks.


The first step is to reduce the margins of your resume. This will trim some of the space between sections and paragraphs in your resume, reducing white space.

To change the margins, click the Appearance tab in the left side menu of the VisualCV editor and adjust the Margin sliders to the size of your liking.


Font Size

The next step is to reduce the font size. This is also in the Settings tab, and it adjusts the size of all text as it appears across the entire document. This will have a significant effect on the length of your resume, but be careful - you don’t want the text to be so small you can’t read it!



If these options don’t do the trick, you can always experiment with the template you are using. VisualCV offers several different resume templates, each of which presents your resume content in a different way. A template with more than one column, for example, will typically be easier to fit on fewer pages.

To change the template, click the Designs tab in the left side menu, and choose a template from the template picker that appears. Your resume information will be seamlessly transferred to the new template, with no re-writing or re-designing required.



If you have tried all of the above and your resume is still too long, it may be time to consider the unthinkable: cutting content. In the interest of brevity, it can be advantageous to begin removing some of your less relevant experience. If this is the case, consider reading our resume guide to help you decide what is important. Be sure to tailor your resume for the position you are applying to, and don’t be afraid to ask a friend for feedback.

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