Reducing the page count of your resume

It can be difficult to fit a resume on exactly one or two pages. Fortunately, if you are just a line or two over, there are a few ways you can reduce the length of your resume PDF.

Reduce margins

You can shorten your resume by reducing the margins between sections and paragraphs. This will trim some of the white space from your resume. 

Instructions for reducing margins can be seen here: How to change the margins in your resume.

Reduce font size

Resumes can also be made shorter by making the font smaller. This will have a significant effect on the length of your resume, but be careful - you don’t want the text to be so small you can’t read it!

Instructions for reducing font size can be seen here: How to change font size.

Change the template

You can choose from several different resume templates, each of which presents your resume content in a different way. A template with more than one column, for example, will typically be easier to fit on fewer pages. If  reducing font size and margins isn't enough, you can always try out a different template.

Instructions for changing the template can be seen here: How to change the template

Edit the resume

If you have tried all of the above and your resume is still too long, it may be time to consider cutting content. Removing some of your less relevant experience can be a way of making the resume shorter. 

Consider reading our resume guide to help you decide what details are important, and be sure to tailor your resume for the position you are applying to.

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