Keyboard shortcuts

If you have used the resume editor, you will already be familiar with the text editing toolbar. It appears at the top of your screen every time you use a text box, and it looks like this:

By clicking the B, I, or U button you can make highlighted text bold, italic, and underlined. But did you know that you can save yourself some time (and your cursor a trip up to the top of the window) with the same simple keyboard commands that you might recognize from other text editing software?

It’s easy: by holding the Ctrl key (or the command key if you are using a Mac) and clicking B, I or U key, you can make highlighted description text bold, italic, and underlined, respectively.

For example, imagine there is a key phrase you would like to highlight in your resume, like so:

Ben's Tips example 1

By highlighting it and hitting Ctrl + B, you can make the text bold.

Ben's Tips example 2

By highlighting it and hitting Ctrl + I, you can make the text italic.

Ben's Tips example 3

By highlighting it and hitting Ctrl + U, you can underline the text.

Ben's Tips example 4

You can even make combinations - here is the same text with all three formats.

Ben's Tips example 5

And all without your mouse leaving the text box!

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