Creating a new journal entry

There are two ways of making a new journal entry: Using email, and using the Career Journal tool directly.

Creating a journal entry using email

If you receive Career Journal reminders, you can create new journal entries right from your email inbox. Instructions for changing your email settings can be seen here.

To add a journal entry using email:

1. In your email inbox, open a Career Journal prompt email.

2. Write your update in the body of your reply.

3. Attach any files you would like to include in the entry.

4. Send your reply.

Your response will be added to your Career Journal for the date you sent the email.

Creating a journal entry using the Career Journal

If you prefer more customization, you can make updates directly in the Career Journal.

To do this:

1. Navigate to the Career Journal.

2. Click the blue + Create New button at the top of the timeline. A new, blank journal entry will open.

3. Fill out the fields in the Journal Entry.

4. Click Publish.

Your journal will be saved. You can return to the entry at any time to edit or delete it.

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