Changing the privacy setting of your resume

When you publish your resume, you can set it to 'Public', 'Unlisted', or 'Export only'.

  • Public resumes have a shareable URL and are indexed by search engines. This means that your online resume could appear when someone uses Google to search your name. Please note that only one CV can be set to 'Public' at a time.
  • Unlisted resumes have a shareable URL, but are not indexed by search engines. This means that if you share a link to your resume with email or social media, people following the link will be able to see it. People using a search engine to find you, however, will not. A direct link is required.
  • Export only resumes can only be downloaded from inside your account. They do not appear online, and the PDF URL cannot be shared.

To change the privacy setting on your resume:

1. In the resume editor, open the Settings tab in the left side menu. This will open a settings window.

2. Inside the Settings window, use the Resume Type menu to choose your privacy setting. 

3. Click Save.

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