Copying an existing VisualCV resume

There are two ways to copy an existing VisualCV resume, website, or cover letter.

Duplicate: Create an exact copy of the resume, including the template and appearance settings

Copy: Copy the text of a resume, but pick a new template


To duplicate a resume:

1. Find the item you want to duplicate in your dashboard and click the three dot menu

2. Select Duplicate from the drop-down menu.

You will be taken to the VisualCV editor in a template that exactly matches the original, including content, template, and appearance settings.


To copy the content of an existing VisualCV resume:

1. In the VisualCV Dashboard, click the Create New button for the item you would like to create (Resume, Website, or Cover Letter.

2. Under Copy an existing resume, select the resume you would like to copy from the drop down menu.

3. Click Copy.

The content from the selected template will be copied to a new resume. You can then edit and update the new resume without it affecting the original. 

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