How do I add a logo to my CV?

Our Gallant, Corporate, Oak, Monaco, and Modern templates support a logo. To add or change the logo, first click Appearance.

Inside the Appearance tab, click the Logo button.

This will open a modal that allows you to upload a file of your own, or choose from our wide selection.

To upload a new image, click the upload field. Choose the image from your computer, then click 'Save.'

To choose from files you have already uploaded, click 'My Files.' Choose the image from your files, then click 'Save.'

To choose an image from VisualCV's collection, click 'Select Background.' This will open a dropdown menu where you can choose a category. After you have chosen a category, a selection of images will appear. Choose your image, then click 'Save.'

To remove your logo:

In the above modal, click the 'reset' button, then click 'Save'. Your logo will be removed.

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