How do I change the background image?

Background images can be customized in all VisualCV Website templates (Marketing, Verge, About, Elegant, and Bravo), as well as the Onyx resume template. 

To customize the background picture:

1. Click the Appearance button in the left-side menu. It looks like a paintbrush icon. This will open the Appearance menu across the top of the editor.

2. Inside the Appearance menu, click the Background button. This will open a file uploader.

3. Use the uploader to choose your image. There are three ways to select an image:

a. Upload a new image from your computer using the upload field.

b. Select an existing image from My Files.

c. Open Select Background to choose an image from VisualCV's collection.

4. Once you have selected an image, click Save.

Your background picture has now been updated.

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