Editing your VisualCV resume

Your resume can be edited directly in the Visual Editor.  It's just like using any document editor. To edit your resume:

  1. Click on the text box you want to edit
  2. Type directly into the text box
  3. Click outside the text box to save your changes

When you finish editing a section, make sure to click out of the text box or press the tab key to indicate that you are done editing . You'll see a loading graphic at the top of the screen to indicate that your changes are saving. 

You can edit Work Experience items using forms. To do this:

1. Hover over the item you want to edit. A blue outline and a button menu will appear.

2. In the menu, click the pencil icon. This will open an edit modal.

3. In the edit modal, fill out the form. All items are optional.

3. Click Save.

The item will now be updated with your changes.

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