How can unsubscribe or cancel my account?

To cancel your Pro subscription, log in to your account and open your account settings

In the first box, Account Info, click Manage Subscription:

c1d79c29f537c7c5eb3d58ee0edd52ca.pngIn the page that opens, you will find the option to downgrade your account. Downgrading will end your Pro subscription and allow you to keep your access to pro features until the given date. You will not be charged again. Once your account has downgraded, you will still have access to VisualCV's free features. 

If you would like to fully close your account, scroll to the bottom of the Account page to the Account Settings box.

Click where the text notes that you can close your account. A modal will open with some basic questions. Follow the steps in that modal and you will be logged out of your account. This means the account has been closed.

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