What is the difference between a VisualCV CV/Resume and a VisualCV Website?

A CV/Resume template can be shared online or downloaded as a PDF. A Website template can only be shared online. 

If you plan to share your resume as a PDF, please use a CV/Resume template. Many users maintain two documents: one for online use, and one for downloads.

How to create a CV/Resume or Website

At the top of your VisualCV dashboard, there are three buttons. 

To create a CV/Resume, click the + CV/Resume button. This will allow you to choose from one of 20 CV/Resume templates. Each of these templates can be downloaded as a PDF or shared online.

To create a Website, click the + Website button. This will allow you to choose from one of 5 website templates. These templates can be shared online, but cannot be downloaded to PDF.

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