How do I add a portfolio?

All VisualCV templates support a Portfolio section. This section can be used to host images and documents, link to external websites, or embed YouTube videos. To create a Portfolio section in your resume:

1. Click the Add Section drop down menu at the bottom of the resume. From the menu that appears, select Portfolio. This will open a window where you can add portfolio items.

2. Click the Add portfolio item button. This will open a file uploader.

2. Click the Add portfolio item button. This will open a file uploader where you can drag and drop files to include in your Portfolio, or open a file selector 

3. In the file uploader, upload a new file from your computer or select existing files from My Files. Once you have added a file, you will see the item details. 

3. In the Edit portfolio item window, add a title and description for your item, then click Save.

You now have a portfolio section with a single item. Repeat this process to add more items.

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