How do I add a portfolio?

Adding a Portfolio

First, click Add Section at the bottom of the resume. From the dropdown menu that appears, select Portfolio. This will create a Portfolio Section.

Editing your Portfolio

Once you have created the Portfolio, it can be edited in the Basic Editor. Open the basic editor by clicking the Basic editor button at the top of the page.

Once inside the basic editor, scroll to your Portfolio section and click the right-pointing arrow to add an item. This will open a pop-up where you can upload and edit a Portfolio item.

Uploading Files

To add a file, click the Add Portfolio Item button in the pop-up. This will open a new window where you can upload new files or choose from files you have already uploaded.

Drag files into the upload field, or click the field to look for files on your computer. If you have already uploaded files, you can view them by clicking My Files on the right side. 

You can also add a Youtube video by clicking the Add Youtube Video tab and copying in the video's URL.

Files Supported:

  • PDF Files
  • Powerpoint Files 
  • Word Documents
  • Youtube Video Embedding
  • Images (JPG and PNG) 

Editing Portfolio Items

Your uploaded files will be listed in your Portfolio under Media. To edit an individual portfolio item, click the Edit button listed just under the file name.

This will open a form where you can add a title, description and URL to the portfolio item. Adding a URL will make it so clicking the item will navigate the user to the given link.

Uploading a Thumbnail

If you have uploaded a document such as a PDF, or are linking to a URL, you may want to upload an image to serve as a thumbnail. To do this, click the Change Thumbnail button inside the Edit tab. You can then upload an image of your choice.

Using a link instead of a document

If the item you would like to link to is hosted online, you can also add a URL instead of a document. To do this, first upload an image using the upload method shown above. This will function as a thumbnail for the item.

Then, edit that portfolio item. In the Edit tab, click the URL toggle and add your link.

Click Save. Now, clicking that portfolio item will link to the given website.

Sorting Portfolio Items

When viewing your portfolio items as listed under Media (as shown above),  you can sort them by clicking the multi-directional arrow icon and dragging the item to where you would like it to appear. Items listed at the top will appear first in the resume.

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