How to change your VisualCV URL

Each of VisualCV’s resume templates function as a great PDF resume, and that’s not all - with VisualCV you can also use your resume as an online resume and personal landing page. If you plan to direct people to your online resume, it’s important to choose a URL that is appropriate and easy to read and remember.

The best URL is simply your name. This is easy for both you and your contacts to remember, and it will make finding your resume easier when people search for you online.

Here is an example of an efficient VisualCV URL:

To change your resume's URL, first open the CV Settings tab.


This will open a pop-up with settings for your VisualCV.


This is where you’ll choose your URL, as well as your resume's privacy setting - either Public or Unlisted - and title, which is how your resume will be labelled on your private resume dashboard.

Write your new URL in the URL field, then click Submit. This will open a new pop-up with buttons that will allow you to share your resume's URL directly using social media or email. You can also simply copy the URL yourself to send out and share wherever you’d like.

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